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Thursday, December 5, 2019

3 – 5p     Open Office Hours                                                                                                        Community mentors hold 30 minute, one-on-one sessions where they guide you through all things big or small. Bring all your burning questions. Spots are limited. Sign Up Now.

5 – 6p     Networking & Community Roundtable                                                                       Meet, mingle, listen, learn, share. All attendees have the opportunity to participate, and the more preparation, the more fun! The Roundtable Topic for this meeting will be:                                                     How to get customer validation for your idea for $1K or less…

6 – 7p     Idea Pitch Session                                                                                                                          The night will end with a business idea pitch session awarding $1,000 cash prize. You’ll hear 3 ideas in 3-minute demonstrations with 3 minute Q/As!  Ready to pitch? Apply Now

Mentors & Leaders

Open Innovation office hours & roundtables are hosted monthly by industry leaders. Past and present mentors have included:

Gerard Ramos
CEO & Co-Founder
Revelry Labs

Charles Carriere
President & Founder

Brent McCrossen
General Manager, Revelry Startup Studio
Revelry Labs

Tim Dybvig
Calibrater Health

FAQs - Idea Pitch Session

Does it cost anything? Are there any strings attached? Nope. We’ll throw some options out there, but you can literally take the $1,000, walk out the door, and never see us again.

How are participants selected for the Pitch Session?We’ll ask for volunteers. The first three people to raise their hands will pitch.

If I have two ideas do I have to pitch twice? Please

What qualifies as a demo? Whatever you feel the best format is to demo your idea or product. This is not a fundraising pitch.

What if I can’t build my idea? Draw it on a napkin. Talk about it. Bring in a one-sheeter. Your idea doesn’t have to be built out to present. See above.

Does my demo need to be a tech product? Nope. But if it’s food, ya better bring some!

Can established companies participate? No, but established individuals can.

Can universities, high school, and even younger students participate? Absolutely. 

Do I need to pay taxes on this $1,000 cash prize? Consult with a tax pro.

What do I do with the $1,000 if I win? Buy a plane ticket to go get a deal closed. File for a trademark. Form an LLC. Take a vacation. Buy some sweet new kicks and a sport coat. What do you want to do with the cash?

More questions? Sure! Contact us

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Revelry helps companies design, deploy and manage scalable software solutions. We unleash human potential by building innovative products people love to use.

Scale Workspace is a hub for businesses and individuals interested in the production of innovative products, devices, designs, and art here in New Orleans.

A craft brewery founded in 2008 in New Orleans, NOLA Brewing Company makes high quality beers for every palate. Motivated by the beer we make and the people we make it for.

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