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After the frenzy of Mardi Gras and before the heat of summer in New Orleans is a time that locals call “Festival Season.” The peak of Festival Season is the two weekends of Jazz Fest. The days in between those weekends are a wonderful, magical time in New Orleans filled with music, food, and excitement, which is why it was chosen for INNO.

If you’re a startup or business that knows the value of innovative thinkers, problem-solvers, and creators, INNO is the place for you. Help us continue to foster and grow technology innovation and entrepreneurship in the Gulf South.

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INNO 2019 Recaps + Highlights

A Hackathon. A Startup Showcase. Interactive Content Sessions.

The inaugural INNO conference saw compelling, up-to-the minute conversations and relevant speakers within the themes of innovation, collaboration, disruption, and community building.

Re-experience INNO 2019 by checking out recaps and highlights from the inaugural event.

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New Orleans is the perfect hometown for a global community of innovators and collaborators.

INNO19 was the inaugural event of what is destined to become a cornerstone in the annual calendars of the tech world, ambitious startups, and innovation-focused organizations. Attendees to INNO have established themselves as founding members of a new community.  

During this time of spontaneity, INNO attendees were able to bond with other innovators visiting from all over the world. From workshop attendees to keynote speakers, everyone shared original thinking about tech, business, and society. 

And after all, this is New Orleans. You never know what surprises are around the corner. The only guarantee is that something exciting will happen.

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Our Past Speakers

The inaugural INNO conference presented engaging conversations and new insight from leading innovators, disruptors, and collaborators.

Kevin Lin

Chip Register
Former CEO

Jennifer Schwartz
VP of Digital Product

Ryan Freitas
Director of Product Design

Anuradha Gali
Engineering Lead, Business Insights

Gregarious Narain
Serial Entrepreneur and Startup Strategist
Before Alpha

Rick Webb

Sevetri Wilson

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