Agenda: Plan Your Experience at INNO

Engage with compelling, up-to-the minute conversations and relevant speakers within the themes of innovation, collaboration, disruption, and community building.

Find four full days of engaging activities below.

April 29 - May 2, 2019
New Orleans, Louisiana

Monday, April 29: Hackathon at the Ace Hotel

Together with our partners at Loyola and AWS, we’re going to work on solutions to problems presented by regional non-profit organizations facing challenges in education, water management, assistive technology, and regional initiatives.

Do you have what it takes to create community solutions?

Tuesday April 30: Sessions at the New Orleans Jazz Market INNO Stage

Morning Tracks

Corporate Innovation Panel

The Human Factor

Afternoon Tracks

Investor Panel

Innovation vs. Disruption

The Future of Music is Tech

Featured Keynote

8:30 AM: Doors Open

9:25 AM: Welcome + What Corporate Innovators Seek: Keynote Panel featuring Entergy, IBM Private Cloud

The Human Factor

10:00 AM: Making Business More Human with Tom LaForge

10:25 AM: What Do Sidewalks Have to Teach Us About Negotiation? with Traci Ruble

10:50 AM: Surviving a Global Brand’s Acquisition Courtship with Jon Werner

11:15 AM: From Wantepreneur to Entepreneur and Back with Anu Gali

11:40 AM – 12:50 PM: Lunch Break

1:00 PM: Welcome Back + Investing in Innovation + Disruption: Panel featuring Kevin Lin and more

Innovation vs Disruption Track

1:35 PM: 7 Steps to an AI Powered Intelligent Enterprise with Shailu Tipparaju

2:00 PM: Not Everyone is Cut Out to Work on the Future with Ruth Yomtoubian

2:25 PM: Building the Trust Economy with Blockchain with Josh Thompson

The Future of Music is Tech Track

2:50 PM: Collaboration: The Future of Music with Daniel Rowland

3:15 PM: Building a Global Music Tech Empire, in Baton Rouge, LA with Jim Odom

3:40 PM: Scaling for Songwriters: Lessons on Fan Engagement in the Music Industry Terry Derkach & Meredith Collins

4:05 PM: The Future of the Musician Industry with Elmo Lovano

4:30 PM: Take That Fender Off The Wall Keynote with Jennifer Schwartz & David Immerman

Choose your engagement

At INNO, we present multiple conference tracks on two stages at the New Orleans Jazz Market:

The INNO Stage and the Deep Dive Stage.


Tuesday April 30: Sessions at the New Orleans Jazz Market Deep Dive Stage

Morning Tracks

The Startup Path

Afternoon Tracks

Community Building

Connecting With Your Humanity

9:25 AM: Please join us on the INNO stage for Opening Keynote

The Startup Path Track

10:00 AM: Strategic Partnerships is the Path Forward with Ruth Yomtoubian & Gregarious Narain

10:30 AM: The Path to a Revenue Stream with Helen Manich

10:55 AM: Innov8te Your Way to an MVP in 8 Weeks with John Boudreaux

11:20 AM: Deal Structures in fundraising and M&As with D’Juan Hernandez

11:40 AM – 12:50 PM Lunch Break

1:00 PM: Please join us on the INNO stage for Investor Panel

Community Building Track

1:45 PM: Harnessing the Power of Stories with Galyn Burke

2:10 PM: Building and Monetizing Online Communities with Nigel Eccles

2:35 PM: A Journey of InsuranceTech Disruption with Alexander Tsetsenekos & Huw Edward

Connecting with Your Humanity Track

3:00 PM: The Importance of Being Human in Online Communities with Brett Durrett

3:25 PM: Human Connection with Galyn Burke & Traci Ruble

3:50 PM: Meaningful Human Engagement with Josh Thompson & Mac Love



Tuesday Night: The Inaugural Startup Night NOLA Showcase and Celebration at the Ace Hotel

Startup of the Year has partnered with INNO to host the inaugural Startup Night NOLA Showcase & Celebration on April 30 from 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM at the Ace Hotel New Orleans.

Startups will compete, enthusiasts will meet & mingle, and all will be sure to pass a good time!

Join us – it’s free!

Wednesday May 1: Sessions at the New Orleans Jazz Market INNO Stage

Morning Tracks

Digital Transformation

Afternoon Tracks

Personalized Health

Investing in the Third Coast

Community Transformation

Closing Keynote

8:30 AM: Doors open

9:25 AM: Welcome + FounderCraft: Founder Thinking for Corporate Innovators with Gregarious Narain

Digital Transformation Track

9:55 AM: The Tale of Three Cities: Portland, Dallas, and the Gulf South with Vanessa Camones

10:25 AM: Being a Sherpa; Leadership from Behind with Michael Mangos

10:50 AM: Scaling Impact in Social Responsibility with Sevetri Wilson

11:20 AM: Digital Business and Marketing Transformation with Chip Register & Amith Nagarajan

11:55 AM – 1:00 PM Lunch Break

Personalized Health Track

1:00 PM: Innovative Models for Personalized Health with Amy Domuangue & Brenda Schmidt

1:35 PM: Patient Engagement with Aimee Quirk

2:00 PM: Connecting with People, To Feed Them with Matt Moore

Investing in The Third Coast Track

2:15 PM: New Orleans’ Next Decade with Michael Hecht

2:35 PM: Investing Outside of The Valley with Lowry Curley & Mike Katz

3:00 PM: The New Orleans Startup Index Report presented by Tulane’s Lepage Center with Adam Zuckermnan, Blake Stanfill & Ann Marshall Tilton

Community Transformation Track

3:35 PM: Scaling for Success: Harnessing Lessons Learned from Tech Giants with Aubrey Sabala & Rick Webb

4:00 PM: Changing Communities Through Acts of Play with Mac Love

4:35 PM: Community Building in eSports with Derek Thomas

4:50 PM: Let’s Debate The Next Wave of Tech, Closing Keynote with Ryan Frietas & Rick Webb


Changing the landscape of business

At INNO, we’ve curated content and speakers that will help you change the way you find resources and meet business challenges.

Wednesday May 1: Sessions at the New Orleans Jazz Market Deep Dive Stage

Morning Track & Roundtable Breakouts

Impact Investment

Afternoon Track

Technology Trends from the Future

Impact Investment Track

9:30 AM – 11:30 AM: Impact Investing and Opportunity Zones Panel and Breakout Sessions with Cullan Maumus, Margot Brandenburg, & Anne Driscoll

11:55 AM – 1:00 PM Lunch Break

Technology Trends from the Future Track

1:00 PM: Illuminating Dark Online Communities with Clark Hogan-Taylor

1:25 PM: The Future of Data with Adam Zuckerman

1:55 PM: The Rapid Rise of AR with Jeff McConathy

2:20 PM: I’ll be McCartney and You Be Lennon: Building Strategic Partnerships that Drive with Alex Matjanec & Ahon Sarkar


Thursday, May 2nd: A Community Celebration at Launch Pad

Launch Pad, a collaborative workspace & community of entrepreneurs, professionals & creatives, is celebrating its 10th year, and you’re invited to this all-day event that includes mimosas and Bloody Marys, a fireside chat, member showcase, and mix & mingle.

Launch Pad’s 10th Anniversary Event

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INNO is happening in New Orleans during that sweet, magical week of April 29th to May 2nd, 2019 between the two weekends of the world-renowned Jazz Fest.

Come build a community of diverse, solution-oriented corporate innovators, technologists, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals who are ready to change the world through collaboration and strategic partnerships between startups and corporations.

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