Adele Tiblier

Co-Founder & Principal Strategist / Izeify

Adele is  the co-founder and Principal Strategist for izeify, an anti-agency specializing in growing revenue through sales, marketing and technology solutions for B2B clients from around the world. She’s a martech vet with over 20 years of experience helping companies to grow their revenue through a mix of advanced & technical SEO, creation and implementation of a high quality content strategy, identification and integration of the right tech to track and achieve goals…among other things.

Adele is a NOLA native that can be spotted on the city’s streets riding her scooter, cycling or walking her olde English Bulldog, Satchmo. If you do cross her path, be sure wave, because hollering her name will NOT result in a response, as she is never not listening to something and singing along, loudly.