Ahon Sarkar

Vice President of Product and Strategy / StoneCastle

Ahon Sarkar is the VP of Product & Strategy for StoneCastle, a leading provider of innovative solutions to store, move, and optimize money. A graduate from the University of Chicago, Ahon has worn a variety of hats in different industries — from Advanced Materials to Audio Communications to Finance – and has focused primarily on designing products that make a difference for everyday people. Prior to StoneCastle, Ahon ran Special Projects for the CEO and CIO of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund.

In his current role, Ahon focuses on Cambr, an exclusive partnership between StoneCastle and Q2 Holdings to offer banking-as-a-service. In that capacity, he works with tech and fintech companies to develop modern banking products that amplify their existing ecosystem and redefine personal finance.