Anuradha Gali

Engineering Lead, Business Insights / Uber

Anu Gali is Co-Chair for Women in Engineering (LadyEng) and an Engineering Leader at Uber leading Business Insights. Her team is responsible for Rides/Eats Trip Forecasting, helps business Optimize budget across Operations and Business units and predicts Customer Value across all our users. As a tech leader, Anu has built high performing engineering teams from the ground up and steered large-scale projects in Data, ML, Web, e-Commerce and Mobile technologies for companies such as Uber, Groupon, Shutterfly, and Adobe.

Anu strongly believes in having an entrepreneurial mindset and in helping others to reach their potential. A few years back, in her spare time, she co-founded a company and released a social entertainment app “IntoMovies”. She also volunteers for a number of charitable organizations and STEM programs.

Connect with Anu on Twitter at @anugali