Collin Ferguson

Co-Founder & CEO / Where Y'art, Birds of a Feather NOLA

Collin graduated from Tulane’s AB Freeman School of Business. Time abroad, spent as a teacher in Thailand and volunteering in Latin America exposed Collin to administrative practices in alien environments. In 2011, after over six years overseas, she settled back in New Orleans and founded Birds of a Feather NOLA, which focuses on feather hairpieces and headdresses, encaustic painting, and photography. Within a year of launching Birds of a Feather, she had become a self-sustaining artist, and within two years, she could barely keep up with orders.

During this time she witnessed firsthand the difficulties of arts promotion and marketing among local colleagues, and at the same time was approached by Catherine Todd regarding Where Y’Art. A business was born. Collin helps Where Y’art member artists with areas of business development. Preliminary meetings identify key competencies in each creative’s business as well as areas for improvement. She works with her team members on how they can help member artists improve their businesses to increase revenue and exposure.

Collin also is the CEO and Managing Director of Where Y’art and manages all operations, corporate sales and partnership as well as growth + scale strategy. Collin has been involved with a number of entrepreneurial programs in the city including: The Big Idea, Pitch Nola, Propeller Accelerator alum 2013-2014, Idea Village IdeaX Accelerator cohort 2014, Idea Village CapitalX cohort 2015, Catapult participant and pitch winner 2014 and Arts Base Business Pitch Winner 2014. Collin is interested in preserving and furthering the culture of New Orleans and its visual artists as well as entrepreneurship and exploring how Art Tech can deepen authentic connections between lovers and creators of art.
IG @whereyart / @birdsofafeathernola