Jared Loftus

Chief Revenue Officer / rasa.io

Jared has spent most of his life building businesses. From his first one selling beaded necklaces in the 5th grade (which later got him sent to the principal’s office) to the one started by selling shirts out of a backpack in college that led to opening a retail store, his entrepreneurial spirit is interwoven into all that he does.

After selling his retail store to focus on e-commerce, Forbes called him College Football’s Biggest Entrepreneur. Since then, he’s co-founded multiple businesses, including two food trucks and an education company that helps schools improve their students’ ACT Scores (which wound up on the Inc 500 two years in a row).
Currently, he’s found himself at the unlikely intersection of low-information diets and artificial intelligence with rasa.io.

When he grows up, he jokes that he’ll either open a school teaching people how to parallel park or start peddling his homemade kombucha. Whatever it is, you can bet it will be with that same entrepreneurial spirit that got him sent to the principal’s office in the 5th grade.