Jerome Gentes

Principal Content Designer, Financial Data Platform / Intuit

Jerome Gentes is both a UX content designer at Intuit, Inc., and an independent producer/creative director at TigerBear Productions. Those roles are in such constant dialogue and dynamic exchange with each other that he’s given up asking where one ends and the other begins. Why not both? He’s currently working in traditional UI, as well as its multidimensional futures, and exploring ways to disrupt traditional theatre and other media experiences.

Design, like politics, doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It happens in and in spite of dynamics that are usually polite, often messy, and sometimes divisive. Designs and designers are born and become inside that flux, one that immediately challenges us and our work to thrive and survive. Design uses, abuses, and refuses tradition and innovation, sometimes at once. In a session ideally suited for an election year, we’ll look at how design leverages tradition, declares its independence, and seeks to break–or break itself on–the cutting edge.