Jon Werner

Former Senior Director for the Digital Sports / adidas

Jon handles the CEO and CPO duties at KOYA leveraging over 15 years of building mobile apps based on location awareness. KOYA’s first offering will be launched in April 2019 and is focused on delivering a simple way to give random acts of kindness to friends and family.

Jon served as a Senior Director for the Digital Sports team at adidas working with strategic partners, external 3rd party developers, future mobile and wearable experiences and was always searching for the next big thing at the intersection of sport and technology. Prior to Digital Sports, Jon served as an Innovation Explorer for the Future team focused on bringing digital experiences to life.

Before adidas, Jon founded Bones in Motion, a mobile software start-up in 2003 that pioneered using GPS in mobile phones to deliver real-time fitness experiences that was acquired by adidas in 2009 and became the foundation for adidas’ miCoach mobile. He has also worked at several start-ups in consumer electronics, enterprise hardware and software and military software development. His work as a software architect for IBM brought his family to Austin, TX where he still resides.

Jon earned a BSCS from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette in 1985. He holds over 40 patents covering user interface design, speech recognition, networking, mobile fitness related software and hardware and other fun stuff.

Connect with Jon on Twitter at @jonw