Michael Mangos

CEO and Co-Founder / Tamman, Inc.

If you ask Michael about his 20+ years in IT, he will tell you that his work is not about technology; it’s about people. With over 30 years of experience leading and consulting in business, creative and government communities, Michael has worked at every level of IT, from implementing servers and solutions to performing system administration, writing custom software, managing projects, business analysis, and overseeing QA. Early on he became adept at what has become the theme of his career: taking complicated technical things and making them understandable, available and accessible to non-technical people. His method is straightforward: listen to what people are saying, watch how they work, respect their needs, plan ten steps ahead, and always provide education and support.

As co-founder of Tamman, Inc., he guides the company with the same ethic that has defined his career. “It is always about what’s best for the business or clients: what’s easy to maintain, what makes sense, what’s appropriate—versus ‘what’s the latest technology.’ The technology doesn’t lead. The people and their needs do.” In this manner, Michael has spent his career implementing robust, usable, forward-thinking solutions that serve his clients well for the long run. His approach to his work—thoughtful, personal, and relationship-focused—has resulted in long-term partnerships: he has worked with some of his clients for over 20 years.

Father to two amazing boys and husband to Kay, Michael is committed to building the community around him through Tamman’s scholarship fund and assisting local nonprofits and supporting youth education charities across the Philadelphia region.

Connect with Michael on Twitter at @tammangos