Sevetri Wilson

Founder / Resilia

Sevetri Wilson is the Founder and CEO of New Orleans based technology startup Resilia (formerly ExemptMeNow) with a second office in Newark that she founded in 2015 to revolutionize how nonprofits are created and maintained, and how enterprises (who deploy billions annually) scale impact. She has raised over $2M for her startup to date, making her the first Black woman in New Orleans to raise over $1M in venture capital, and one of only 11 black women to raise over $3M.

She is also the founder of Solid Ground Innovations, LLC (SGI), a strategic communications and management firm with offices in Baton Rouge and New Orleans that she founded in 2009. Sevetri possesses expertise in strategic communications, brand marketing, technology, public affairs and project management. In her role at Resilia , Sevetri sets the vision for the company, builds and manages the team, and leads the company’s execution against its strategy. Additionally, Sevetri provides strategic oversight for client project execution while facilitating new market entry and client cultivation. Her technical strengths include business development, communications strategy, market analytics and trends, advocacy and community outreach, team building and coaching, process analysis and project management.

Connect with Sevetri on Twitter at @sevetriwilson