Shailu Tipparaju

Founder / Colosseum Group

Shailu Tipparaju, ensures the technology strategy and operations properly serve the core business objective to build a best-in-class test integrity solution with an intuitive user experience. With a proven expertise in building ed-tech solutions, Shailu provides leadership for the company within technology, solution development and all strategic areas. In addition to running the Colosseum Group, Shailu is the CTO of Examity®, and prior to that he was the co-founder and CTO of EdAssist, an ed-tech solution that facilitates education and training processes.  The company was acquired by Bright Horizons Family Solutions in 2011. Earlier in his career, he was the director of enterprise education solutions at Xerox where he had the unique distinction of being recognized as the top performing employee worldwide.

Connect with Shailu on Twitter at @shailutips