Traci Ruble

CEO and Therapist / Sidewalk Talk SF

Traci is on a mission to help people find meaning and success through human connection at work and in every area of their life. Her keynotes and breakout sessions are designed to captivate and motivate her audience to create these deeper connections because Traci knows that is where their greatest satisfaction and success lives. In 2015 Traci was so heartbroken by the disconnection between people in our world that she founded Sidewalk Talk which has grown to 5000 volunteers across 50 plus cities and 12 countries who listen to anyone about anything on public sidewalks. Her powerful talks are infused with incredible stories from hundreds of hours listening to humans from every walk of life. Traci has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CBS News, The Washington Post, and BBC World Service and has delighted and inspired audiences. You can learn more about Traci at

Connect with Traci on Twitter at @TraciRubleMFT