INNO Conference: A Homegrown Innovation Conference Whose Time Has Come

New Orleans homegrown conference

New Orleans is the most unique, eclectic city in this entire hemisphere. And we play host to hundreds of conferences every year.

For three years, the Collision conference brought thousands of entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and technology professionals to New Orleans. We played them off with a second line when they headed for the cold north, and now it’s our turn.

It was about time for a homegrown conference. We are hosting INNO conference in order to celebrate our city’s values and create a global community of innovators centered around our unique, indescribable city. New Orleans has always drawn its strength from its people. And this city grows stronger by bringing communities together to create something new and innovative.

INNO will celebrate New Orleans ideals and foster innovation.

We intend to focus on what can be accomplished by building connections, collaborating, and unlocking our human potential.

Fostering Human Potential

INNO plays host to a curated space for entrepreneurs, investors, and technology professionals who will forge connections, build partnerships, and spur further innovation. Each day during INNO, you’ll find activities, events, and showcases designed to help business leaders share their innovative ideas and inspire our attendees in a safe, collaborative environment.

At INNO, we believe that true innovation comes when great minds meet, skills and resources are shared, and collaboration leads to something truly special and new. This conference is designed to foster strategic partnerships between startups and corporations, entrepreneurs and investors, tech talent and employers. We want to bridge the gap that divides startups and corporations. Making these connections means that innovators can get the resources they need to make an impact, and corporations can evolve to strengthen their positions as business leaders.

Creating a Global Community

So, we’re organizing an innovation conference, New Orleans style. From April 29 to May 2, we’re going to help people unlock their true potential by bringing together some of the greatest minds across industries and verticals. But that’s not enough for us. We want the spirit of INNO to last far longer than these days between Jazz Fest here in New Orleans.

That’s why we are using our inaugural event to begin a global, year-round community of people dedicated to changing the way that their respective industries operate.

Conversations that begin during an evening of local music will turn into creative inspiration, investment opportunities, and long-lasting partnerships. Attendees who return next year will see old friends and make new connections.

The programming at INNO is designed around this idea. The speakers at INNO are not only leaders in their industries, they are also people who have built their careers by breaking the mold. The INNO conference tracks will emphasize disruption and collaboration, focusing on the intersections between industries and verticals.

And we will showcase startups and speakers who are being collaborative or disruptive in sectors where technology, corporate innovation, entrepreneurship, and community cross paths.

Connecting Startups to Create Possibilities

We believe in celebrating innovators and creating connections that cause breakthroughs in their industries. Startup Night NOLA Showcase and Celebration is a startup expo designed to provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to showcase their projects in front of potential investors, business partners, and customers. Our featured entrepreneurs will spread awareness about their companies, share ideas with fellow innovators, and gain access to key resources and connections to achieve new heights of creativity. Plus, investors will get to track new developments and discover new investment opportunities.

Start Your INNO Journey!

Whether you are an investor looking for the next hot company, an entrepreneur searching for the resources you need to make your big idea into a reality, or a startup looking for strategic partners, INNO is the place to be – and you can register right here.

Join us for multiple incredible days of talks, showcases, networking events, and New Orleans shenanigans.

You’ll find the intersection of technology and innovation in New Orleans.

There is no better city on the planet to serve as the backdrop of a technology and innovation conference.
Join us for creative innovation and civic responsibility.

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