INNO’s Startup Showcase: Meet Tomorrow’s Household Names in an Atmosphere of Celebration

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The Startup of the Year was born of a mission to celebrate, recognize, and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation.

The folks at Established have been running the Startup of the Year competition for a decade. Previously known as TechCo Media, they hosted Tech Cocktail startup showcase events that were well-known from city to city, always culminating in major competitions at an annual conference.

The startups who participate in the Startup of the Year (SOTY) competition come from all backgrounds and all walks of life to solve a diverse array of consumer and global problems. That’s why INNO is proud to partner with this program to present the Inaugural Startup Night NOLA Showcase and Celebration.

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You Won’t Believe the List of Startups Who Have Showcased at SOTY

Joining pitch competitions is a great way to get exposure for a startup. And, it helps the founding team to iron out kinks in their business plan. The questions that the room of judges presents to the startup are insightful, helping to uncover stumbling blocks or other revenue opportunities.

At one time, you would have been able to witness a young founder with a dream, pitching a crazy idea at a Tech Cocktail startup showcase. That crazy idea was a company you may have heard of: Uber.

Other notable companies who once pitched at one of the events and programs hosted by the folks at Established include GrubHub, Groupon, LivingSocial, AddThis, and Desk.

Collectively, the startups that have participated in the SOTY program have raised billions in funding, made successful exits or acquisitions, and grown into household names.

Meet Tomorrow’s Household Names in an Atmosphere of Celebration

The Startup Showcase & Celebration is like an expo floor with a party vibe. Attendees mix and mingle with each other and move at their own pace through showcase setups from each of the participating startups.

You never know what magic and serendipity can come out of a startup showcase. You may find your next customer, business partner, venture, or favorite product! And at Startup Night NOLA, you’ll also get to enjoy an open bar, nosh on nibbles, groove to a live band, and watch the finalists compete in a live pitch.

The Startup Night NOLA Showcase and Celebration is happening on Tuesday April 30 from 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM at the Ace Hotel New Orleans.

Let us know that you’ll be there!

Startups From Around the Gulf South – and Beyond

To get to know the startups in advance, visit Startup of the Year – New Orleans. You can even cast your vote for the People’s Choice favorite company!

To enter this competition, these startups met the following criteria:

  • Be fewer than 6 years old.
  • Have raised less than $5MM in funding.
  • Be an independent company (not a subsidiary).
  • Have a working beta product or service.


The startups competing at this event are looking to elevate their network, make the important business connections required to continue innovating, and of course – compete for a fast track entry at the global Startup of the Year Summit in the fall.

We hope to see you there!

You’ll find the intersection of technology and innovation in New Orleans.

There is no better city on the planet to serve as the backdrop of a technology and innovation conference.
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