Take the Stage in New Orleans at INNO 2020

Valuing Conversations Over Presentations

Our goal is to forge meaningful connections between our friends and colleagues along the Gulf South and around the globe.

Over four days in late April 2020, strategically placed between Jazz Fest weekends, we are bringing together innovative thinkers, thought leaders, and technologists to connect and collaborate. Speakers from organizations of all sizes and regions will be given the opportunity to share their ideas, insights, and stories to a global community of innovators.

If you have an inspiring story you want to share about disruption, innovation, improving a process, or setting a new industry standard – then we want to hear from you!

INNO is Your Ideal Platform

As the Gulf South’s largest innovation event, INNO has been thoughtfully designed to provide attendees with the opportunity to unite key members of from corporate innovation, entrepreneurial, and investment communities. We invite our guests to immerse themselves in the magic of New Orleans; connect with peers, creatives, and accomplished innovators; and ultimately change the landscape of their businesses and communities.

Partnering with INNO as sponsor or exhibitor is the perfect way to increase your organization’s visibility, attract potential partners, and share your story with a global audience.

What We Value in Potential Speakers

We’re looking for speakers who are passionate about innovation, collaboration, disruption, and community building. Presenters are asked to have vulnerable and have real-world conversations from the stage. Speakers are encouraged to talk about the bumps in the road they’ve encountered while taking on the world’s most innovative challenges.

We’re avoiding product demonstrations, sales pitches, and large panel discussions. If you want to share your journey with others from around the globe, we encourage you to submit a proposal to take the stage.

Submitting a Successful Proposal

INNO’s programming covers a variety of relevant and timely topics on creativity, technology, investing, and community building. We seek voices and viewpoints that are fresh and diverse. We are committed to providing our attendees with practical know-how to help advance their initiatives and businesses.

Last year’s attendees requested more sessions on emerging, immersive, and haptic technologies, plus topics related to effectively using big data, implementing go-to-market strategies, and data privacy and security.

Keys to making a successful submission include:

  • Priority Topics (but we welcome all innovative and provocative ideas)
  • Audience Engagement
  • Valuing Conversations over Presentations
  • Well-defined ideal audience and takeaways
  • New, innovative topics and emerging industry trends (
  • If your topic is more technical, indicate implementation details that you’ll dive deep into

About the Selection Process

INNO 2020 speaking applications are now open and will remain so through November 19, 2019 at 10:00pm (CT). Notification regarding a follow-up interview will happen on a rolling basis beginning November 20, 2019. Acceptance and an invitation to attend INNO will be completed in January 2020.

Due to the competitive nature of the selection process, we encourage prospective speakers to submit thoughtful, complete and comprehensive proposals.Preference will be given to diverse sessions that foster audience engagement, as we value conversation over presentations.

INNO is committed to workforce development, inclusion, and diversity. Diverse programming allows INNO to remain a leader in efforts to ensure that the creative, technology, and innovation industries can attract, develop, and retain a high-quality, globally competitive talent.

Again we’re avoiding product demonstrations, sales pitches, and large panel discussions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be notified if my session has been accepted?
You’ll be notified via email by January 2020. Contact hello@innoconf.com if you have not received notification by February 1, 2020.

Once a submission is made, can it be modified? Will INNO make changes to that submission?
Once you submit a proposal no edits can be made within the system. However prior to invitation to speak at INNO 2020, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with us to help refine your ideas to ensure we are providing the best experience and content to our guests. This can include our team working with you to make recommendations for content revisions and adjustments.

Does INNO provide an honorarium for speaking?
Unfortunately we do not provide an honorarium, however if travel or housing expenses are a challenge, we are open to discussing a reimbursement stipend.

When would my session be scheduled?
Your session may be scheduled anytime on Tuesday April 28, 2020 or Wednesday April 29, 2020, with workshops and partner events being held on Monday April 27th and Thursday April 30th. We encourage speakers to be available to present on any of our core days, however during your follow-up interview a date request can be indicated. If your submission is accepted, you can expect to be notified of the date/time of your session by late March 2020.

What are the different format options for taking the stage?
INNO will feature fireside chats, small panels, traditional conference style presentations, and focused smaller-group workshops. Since we value conversations over presentations, our format preference is for fireside chats or small panels

Is there a limit to the number of speakers per session?
Yes, depending on the session format indicated. There is a maximum of two speakers and one moderator per fireside chat or small panel.

Can more than one speaker from the same organization take the stage together?
We only allow one fireside chat or panel member per organization and we encourage you to invite external partners and collaborators to join you in your session. In some cases up to two individuals from the same organization can take the stage to dive deep into a more technical presentation or case study.

2 comments on “Take the Stage in New Orleans at INNO 2020

  1. Jennifer Maguire on

    Hi INNO, we are devastated to learn that we’ve missed the deadline. BUT must implore – are there any speaking opportunities still open? Or a substitute list? Helene Rutledge has so much to share about leaving the corporate pharma innovation world to co-found innovative startup Upgraid supplement company – fully organic botanical ingredients clinically studied with the same scientific rigor that big pharma uses. She speaks both languages and can connect all the dots for attendees from both worlds. Please let me know how we can still participate. Thank you!

    • Jennifer Baldwin on

      Oh No! Although speaker spots are currently filled, you will hear from me via email to connect about participation opportunities and early speaker submissions for next year!


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