Meet the final set of innovators and leaders speaking at #INNO20


Our content focus is to put relevant speakers, primarily those working on cross-industry collaboration and innovation in strategic partnerships between startups and corporations.

A Focus on Cross-Industry Innovation 

Each year, companies worldwide spend an estimated $2 Trillion on R&D and internal innovation efforts. And yet, 88% of their efforts will fail. INNO emerged to remedy the innovation-failure epidemic, hosting visionaries from an eclectic array of industries worldwide to connect, collaborate, and break boundaries.

Join us online April 28-29!

Introducing More #INNO20 Speakers

In the past few months, we have made speaker announcements and introductions. Check out our first set, second set and third set of speaker announcements. 

Our final set of speakers includes:

Gregarious Narain, Serial Entrepreneur and Startup Strategist at Before Alpha

Gregarious “Greg” Narain has been at the forefront of social media marketing, influencer marketing, and product marketing for more than 20 years. Throughout his career, Greg has helped drive marketing verticals – such as content management, email and customer relationship systems, and marketing research – with a focus on product development and launches.

Connect with Gregarious on Twitter at @gregarious

Ruth Yomtoubian, Corporate Innovation and Strategy at Before Alpha

Ruth is a pioneer in the corporate innovation space.

As Partner at Before Alpha, Ruth works with clients to evaluate, test, and scale products and processes throughout an organization. She is hired by technology, retail, and cannabis companies to design guidelines and metrics that promote an organization’s culture and vision. From market insights to operations – she helps teams diagnose obstacles, refocus efforts and ultimately design a plan of action.

Connect with Ruth on Twitter at @ruteeee

Mark Cousin, CEO at  by Airbus

Mark is the CEO of Acubed, a role to which he brings three decades of experience in designing and developing future aircraft. Prior to becoming CEO, he was the Head of Flight Demonstrators at Airbus where he led a team responsible for launching and operating demonstrators to rapidly mature technology solutions.

Gerard Ramos, CEO & Co-Founder at Revelry 

Gerard is a self-taught developer who has been working on the web for over 15 years. He previously worked for Zappos and Williams Sonoma and developed many viral web apps with companies like  Paramount, Budweiser, Intel and Weinstein Co. Gerard is currently co-founder and CEO of Revelry, a digital innovation lab based in New Orleans with satellite offices in Chicago and Dallas. He is a passionate entrepreneur always up for a challenge. When not on the web, you will find him sailing open waters, fishing the south Louisiana bayous, building things, traveling and urban farming.

Connect with Gerard on Twitter at @gerardramos 

Stephanie Koch, Founder at Flourish Advisory

The former Director of Operations for United Technologies, Stephanie Koch is a cool-headed business leader, consultant, project manager and coach with over 13 years of international experience in operations, business and management. Throughout her career, she has focused on efficiency and process across multiple industries, at solopreunerships, start-ups and at larger corporations. She has extensive experience in operational optimization, cost management and strategic problem solving after building multiple teams from the ground up across the world.

Connect with Stephanie on Twitter at @SFKoch

Ramon Vullings, Speaker, Cross-Industry Expert & IdeaDJ

Ramon Vullings is an engaging keynote speaker, author, cross-industry expert & ideaDJ.

Ramon is author of the management book: ‘not invented here: cross-industry innovation’ which has sold over 50K copies and has been translated already into 5 languages.

Connect with Ramon on Twitter at @RamonVullings

Mark Fancourt
, Co-Founder at Travhotech

Mark Fancourt’s impressive 30-year career in hospitality has taken him all over the world; more specifically, to 45 countries on five different continents. His journey began in his hometown of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, where his father was involved in the tourism industry; to Griffith University, where he earned his Master of Hospitality Management — and it has most recently brought him to Las Vegas, where he co-founded Travhotech & Testbed.Vegas.

Connect with Mark on Twitter at @mark_fancourt

Jonathan Bennun, Venture Partner at NextGen Venture Partners

Jonathan Bennun is a security expert and engineer turned product leader, strategist, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Security Dojo, a startup focused on cybersecurity education solutions, an active startup advisor, and Venture Partner at NextGen Venture Partners, a network-driven venture firm investing in seed-stage startups.

Anne Driscoll, Founder and CEO at Launch Pad

Anne Driscoll is a long-time Silicon Valley Exec and former Googler turned passionate startup advocate. Post Google, Anne took her expertise to the Valley’s high-growth startup scene focusing on championing emerging ecosystems and creating platforms to support small businesses like Ning, Dwolla, and GoDaddy. She joined Launch Pad in 2017 as President and COO to create a high-growth company through the expansion of the Launch Pad network and the creation of the Launch Pad Opportunity Fund for investing in Opportunity Zone-based companies across the U.S.

Connect with Anne on Twitter at @annedriscoll

Mark Cruth, Enterprise Solutions Architect at Atlassian

Mark Cruth is an Enterprise Solutions Architect with Atlassian, working with organizations around the world to improve the connection between the work being done and the goals being pursued with the help of Jira Align. An Agile advocate since 2009, Mark has made it his mission to inject the values and principles of Agile into everything he does.

Connect with Mark on Twitter at @TealMavericks

Sean Flaherty, EVP of Innovation at ITX Corp

Sean started innovating with software products at 11 years old on his 8-Bit Commodore Vic-20, and he’s never stopped. He studied aviation electronics working on F-14 Tomcats in the Navy, molecular genetics at the University of Rochester, earned an MBA from the Simon School of Business. Most of his experience, however, has come from working in the trenches with his clients building innovative software products that move, touch and inspire the world.

Connect with Sean on Twitter at @sflaherty

Diego Ortiz Vega, Commercial Innovation at ExxonMobil

Diego is a Global Innovator in ExxonMobil where he works with business units inside the corporation defining and testing ideas that lead to new business models responding to unmet customer needs. As part of his job, Diego combines conventional marketing and business development techniques with newer methodologies such as design thinking, agile, and lean startup up to uncover what really matters to customers and ecosystems, creating ideas that solve human problems today and aligned to future trends and then testing those ideas in the market via prototypes and MVPs.

Drew Mouton, Chief Innovation Officer at LSU Health Shreveport

Drew Mouton serves as Chief Innovation Officer within the Office of Research at LSU Health Shreveport. He earned a B.S. in Molecular Biology, an MBA in Finance and a Masters in Global Management from Tulane University. As a subject matter expert in university innovation, technology transfer, the Lean Startup Methodology and development of early-stage ventures, he has established working collaborations with universities across the State and around the country.

Connect with Drew on Twitter at @drewmouton

Josh Frank, Director of Product at Revelry

Josh Frank is the Director of Product at Revelry, leading a team of Product Managers while working across the company to clearly communicate priorities and product features, instigate design thinking practices, and help facilitate and evolve Revelry’s Lean-Agile process.

Connect with Josh on Twitter at @iamjoshfrank

Ann Rogan, Executive Advisor, Economic Innovation at Office of the Mayor – City of Stockton, CA

Ann combines entrepreneurial and global partnerships experience to help define business strategy and new services for early-stage companies. She is currently leading an economic innovation portfolio for Mayor Michael Tubbs’ Office in Stockton that oversees workforce access, green economy opportunities and community wealth. 

Connect with Ann on Twitter at @amrogan

Scott Shalett, Managing Partner and Head of Public Affairs at Medora Ventures

Scott Shalett is Managing Partner and Head of Public Affairs at Medora Ventures. Scott works with clients to devise and execute strategies that engage industry, political and community leaders across the country. Prior to joining the Medora team, Scott coordinated the public affairs and policy direction at the US Conference of Mayors under Conference President, Mayor Mitch Landrieu, New Orleans. 

Connect with Scott on Twitter at @scott_shalett

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Hear these speakers talk and ask your questions on April 28-29. See you online!

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