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  • Our content focus is to put up-to-the-minute and relevant speakers on stage, primary those working on cross-industry collaboration and innovation in strategic partnerships between startups and corporations.

INNO, April 27th to 29th

Each year, companies worldwide spend an estimated $2 Trillion on R&D and internal innovation efforts. And yet, 88% of their efforts will fail. INNO emerged to remedy the innovation-failure epidemic, hosting visionaries from an eclectic array of industries worldwide to connect, collaborate, and break boundaries.

Join us in April!

Introducing More #INNO20 Speakers

Throughout February, we will continue to make speaker announcements and introductions. Our second set of speakers includes:

Shaaron Alvares, Principal, Product Management Technical at T-Mobile

Shaaron Alvares is an Agile Transformation Coach and Trainer at T-Mobile in Bellevue, Washington and a News Reporter and Editor for DevOps, Culture and Methods at InfoQ. She is Certified Agile Leadership, Certified Agile Coach from the International Consortium for Agile, and Agile Certified Practitioner, with a global work experience in technology and organizational transformation.

She introduced lean agile product and software development practices within various global Fortune 500 companies in Europe, such as BNP-Paribas, NYSE-Euronext, ALCOA Inc. and has led significant lean agile and DevOps practice adoptions and transformations at, Expedia, Microsoft, T-Mobile.

Josh Thompson, CEO + Co-Founder at Civics Unplugged + Onward Labs

Josh is CEO and & Co-Founder of Civics Unplugged. He is also a Venture Partner at Human Ventures and CEO and Co-Founder of Onward Labs. Josh has spent his career at the intersection of public/private partnerships, beginning with his landmark work alongside former Mayor Cory Booker to reimagine the possibilities for education and economic development leveraging the $100 million investment by Mark Zuckerberg. Josh was a Mayoral Candidate for New York City in the most recent election and co-founded one of the first live and working companies built on blockchain in New York City to combat homelessness.

Gina Radke, CEO at Galley Support Innovations

Gina Radke has been navigating the business world for over twenty years as a successful business owner, entrepreneur, investor, and economic influencer. Owner and CEO of an aerospace manufacturing company, Galley Support Innovations, Gina uses her international business experience to serve as an international trade advisor to the U.S Congress. She is a coach who has mentored entrepreneurs from across the globe and is well known for her involvement in community service and empowering others with economic opportunities.

Jerome Gentes, Principal Content Designer, Financial Data Platform at Intuit

Jerome Gentes is both a UX content designer at Intuit, Inc., and an independent producer/creative director at TigerBear Productions. Those roles are in such constant dialogue and dynamic exchange with each other that he’s given up asking where one ends and the other begins. Why not both? He’s currently working in traditional UI, as well as its multidimensional futures, and exploring ways to disrupt traditional theatre and other media experiences.

Stay tuned next week for more INNO20 speaker announcements.

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